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Retirement Portfolios Workbook
Michael J. Zwecher
Publication date: 2010
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Total Quantity of pages: 210

Retirement is one of the most important parts of the financial planning process. Yet only two percent of financial advisors describe themselves as competent in retirement planning.

Constructing a retirement portfolio is viewed as a difficult endeavor, and the demands facing financial advisors responsible for this task continue to grow. The pressures are particularly intense due to events such as the financial crisis and oncoming rush of retiring baby boomers. It is imperative that financial advisors be equipped and ready to create appropriate retirement portfolios. That's why Michael Zwecher-a leading expert on retirement income-has created Retirement Portfolios and the Retirement Portfolios Workbook. In the text Retirement Portfolios, leading retirement income expert Michael Zwecher provides financial professionals with complete coverage of the most important issues in this field. The Retirement Portfolios Workbook offers you a wealth of practical information and exercises that will solidify your understanding of the tools and techniques associated with this discipline. This comprehensive study guide

  • Provides chapter summaries and end of chapter questions to the main book
  • Test your knowledge of the information addressed in Retirement Portfolios, before you put it to work in real world situations
  • Helps you learn to solve problems while setting up tools you can use in practice
  • Puts the management of risks related to retirement portfolios in perspective
  • If you want to gain a firm understanding of the information outlined in Retirement Portfolios, the lessons within this workbook can show you how.

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