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About “UBAank” e-Library

The UBAnk contains books on banking, international finance, investments and stock markets, financial management, financial regulation etc. 

The lack of the financial and financial sector related literature in Armenia is the serious obstacle for the professional development of bankers and financial sector officials. The literature in the e-library could be used by banking specialists and University/college students in Armenia who work and who are willing to start working at the financial-banking sphere, to penetrate into the different layers of the sector in depth, to recognize and understand the sector as a whole at the international and national levels.

The e-library is to assist the professional development of bankers and financial service practitioners through increased access of educational financial literature.  It is one of the most important tools for any financial official who deals with researches and analysis on financial and financial related topics and who strives for becoming a valuable asset for the financial institution he/she works for.