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Consumer Credit Fundamentals
Steven Finlay
Publication date: 2009
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Total Quantity of pages: 269

This book provides a comprehensive, cross-disciplinary and practical introduction to consumer credit.

Consumer credit is prevalent across almost every aspect of our consumer orientated society, and today there are very few products or services that can't be bought on credit terms or retailers who don't provide for credit facilities. Yet, despite the importance of credit to individuals, the economy and society, there are very few texts describing the operation of consumer credit markets anywhere in the world.

Consumer Credit Fundamentals is the only book to provide a complete, cross-disciplinary and internationally focused introduction to a wide range of topics about consumer credit. The text has been substantially revised and updated with the launch of this second international edition. It covers everything the from the history of credit and the different types of credit available, through to how credit is granted and managed, the legal framework within which commercial lenders must operate as well as consumer and ethical issues. It is the perfect guide for anyone wanting to know more about this important subject.

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