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The Psychology of Money
Jim Ware
Publication date: 2001
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Total Quantity of pages: 273

In a diverse investing climate, investors are always searching for the winning strategy. And with today’s volatile markets and increasingly savvy individual investors and clients, there is exceptional pressure on professional money managers to be more creative than ever before. Unfortunately, despite the wealth of information on techniques and strategies, there has been little innovative guidance for finance professionals—until now.

In The Psychology of Money, financial analyst Jim Ware approaches this crucial topic from a new angle, drawing on both the tools offered by Jungian psychology and his own substantial business experience to present an alternative to trendy strategizing. This eye-opening book reveals how determining one’s "investment personality type" can provide a fuller understanding of how to best approach and react to the intricacies of the market–and, ultimately, profit from them.

Using the Myers-Briggs Typology, a psychological test based on Jungian theory, Ware explains the basic investment personality types and how to use them to identify optimum investing styles. He also provides an intriguing and illuminating examination of the traits of master investors. Professionals will not only learn what their own style should be but understand the value of combining intuition with logic, and of creative collaboration among various personality types to earn the highest returns for their clients.

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